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Does your farm or shoot suffer from poor broadband connectivity?

As vets, we understand the frustrations with obtaining broadband coverage on farms. Although the government has committed to rolling out superfast broadband to 95% of UK premises by 2017, as you know, many rural regions still have extremely limited phone signal and broadband coverage.

Robert Lanning’s Devonshire Poultry site is situated on the Black Down Hills and suffered from poor connectivity. Robert has recently installed wireless sensor technology systems into his broiler sheds that required superfast connectivity to download large volumes of data. Rapid Site was the solution to this challenge.

EE’s 4G network already covers more than 95% of the population though having secured the contract to host the new Emergency Services Network on its existing 4G mobile infrastructure by mid 2017, it has a strong incentive to roll out geographical coverage as quickly as possible and reach its targets of providing 4G to 95% of the geographical area by 2020. Available through PrognostiX, Rapid Site from EE provides 4G coverage on almost any farm, at a significantly lower cost than satellite links. Already operating successfully on remote construction sites, it can be set up within three days and provides superfast WIFI capable of handling all data, internet usage and phone calls required.

“The opportunities to link up to all data generated on farm, from temperature sensors to production data and feed ration information, are really exciting. The detail is there, we just need the wireless connectivity and software to turn it onto live actionable information which farmers can use to improve performance.” Says Alan Beynon, Director of St David’s Poultry Team and PrognostiX Ltd.

What is PrognostiX? Through partnering with leading IoT and computer software companies, the Directors of St David’s Poultry Team recently founded PrognostiX, a company offering solutions to digitalise on farm data. Utilising wireless sensor technology, PrognostiX has developed a decision making platform that enables the farmer to make rapid and informed decisions to improve animal health and productivity. Visit the PrognostiX website here.


If you would like to find out more information on Rapid Site, click on this link or call Victoria on 01392 872893.