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Veterinary and Field Services

  • Health Planning. In line with improving game bird health and welfare standards, we offer bespoke game bird Health Plans that starting with laying bird management and egg production, all the way through to rear and onto release depending on the requirements of your site.
  • On-Site Visits. We aim to provide a hands-on approach where we can assess the birds and the site not in isolation. 
  • Disease Prevention and Control. We strive to provide you with clear and practical guidance on methods and protocols that will help to prevent disease and welfare issues developing rather than traditional reactive treatment approach. See Diseases for more information.
  • Post-Mortem Examinations. We can conduct post-mortem examinations either on site or at one of our Practices or Laboratory facilities. Post-mortems can be used for diagnostic and routine monitoring purposes. See Post-Mortems for more information.
  • Targeted Game Hatchery Advice. We can provide the latest guidance on hygiene and hatchery management to improve and maximise: the hatchability of your stock; the quality of chicks hatched and to reduce the first week mortality. We can implement monitoring programmes to suit each client’s individual needs. 
  • Advice on Disinfection and Biosecurity. Measures to reduce risk of introduction and spread of disease.
  • Professional Laboratory Testing. We offer bacteriology and rotavirus testing in our in-house laboratory to provide you with rapid results. We can offer full water testing analysis of source and identification of possible areas of contamination. See Water Sampling for more. 
  • Liaison Between Rearer and Keeper to identify and rectify issues as efficiently as possible. Our team of office, dispensary and field service staff ensure that all your needs are met with regards to Health Planning, laboratory reporting and the fast and efficient dispatch of medication and vaccine from our specialised dispensary. 
  • Dispensary Services.  Our Dispensary stocks a wide range of products for all you medication, vaccine and general product needs. Products can be collected or dispatched via courier or cold chain system. Our range of products include: antibiotics, vaccines, multivitamins/electrolytes, probiotics, acids, disinfectants, detergents and water sanitisers. Visit our range of non prescription products on the Poultry Pharm Shop. 
  • Innovative Research and Testing. We are actively involved in innovative research and testing of new products and equipment to be able to provide the most relevant up-to-date guidance. 
  • Regional Updates. Due to our national coverage across the UK and Ireland, we have up to date information of disease outbreaks in your region. 
  • Regional Events. We organise regional events to keep clients up-to-date with disease and management advice and industry news. 
  • Applied Bacterial Control (ABC).  We have led the way in research and testing alternative approaches to antibiotics usage and we are now, with many years of experience, in a good position to advise our clients on total packages of products and husbandry techniques which will allow for further antibiotic reduction. The programme we use is called ABC (Applied Bacterial Control). Our research into alternatives to anti-microbials has allowed us to provide our client base with a range of essential oils, probiotics and organic acids aimed at improving bird health. ABC at its core is about diagnosis, and developing bespoke vet health plans to fit the farm’s individual needs.