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Bulk Gas Tank Solutions

In response to the various online queries, we are hearing from a number of our clients that they are having some difficulty sourcing gas bottles for which suppliers are putting down to the staycation market this year. There is still supply of smaller gas bottles but it seems to be limited in certain areas and types of customers. The gas companies are instead advising the installation of bulk gas tanks.

We have a number of clients that have invested in this infrastructure and have permanent rearing fields and we tend see no more or less disease compared to those that move the fields year on year. Whilst permanent structures shouldn’t be viewed as an obstacle to rearing, the success of these systems is down to good management and high levels of appropriate cleaning.

Our advice for these sites emphasises the use of good cleaning and utilising the 3Ds protocol – Drench, Detergent, Disinfectant – and the correct products at the right dose rates. See our 3D’s protocol video here for more information. It is vital that between seasons there is a thorough clean of the kick boards of pen sections, the night shelters and the sheds. We have tested the use of ploughing and re-seeding of the pen/run areas and year-on-year this has reduced the cocci exposure to the birds. This works very well and means that you don’t need to necessarily move your rearing field year to year.

Of course no one rule fits all and we can provide advisory visits to discuss what is required if you are looking to make your sites more permanent. To arrange a visit or to speak with one of our vets or field services team please call 01392 872932 or email